Veg Schezwan Noddles (eazy to make )

Noodles are food that is long strips or strings which is made from unleavened dough. The dough is rolled and then flattened and cut and then stretched. It is originated and famous in East

Asia. Normally it is cooked in boiling water with salt. They can be pan-fried or also put in soups. It is a staple food in Japan, China Korea, Filipino, Vietnam, and also Italy. There different types of

noodles like udon in Japan, Kesme or Reshteh in Turkey, Lagana in Europe. Noodles were also

adapted by Arabs for a long journey. It was a schezwan sauce that craved to cook schezwan noodles with vegetables added to it. This noodle is street food and very popular in India


12 cups of water for boiling

2 teaspoon salt

4 teaspoon oil

2 tablespoon oil

500 GMs noodles

7-8 clove garlic

2 cups chopped spring onion

1 onion finely chopped

2 small sized carrots horizontally cut

1 cup cabbage

5 beans chopped

1 capsicum

3 tablespoon schezwan sauce.



Take a wok and heat 2 tablespoons of oil to add finely chopped garlic and as it turns to golden add

onions to it. And stir it in high flame. Then add beans, carrot, capsicum, cabbage, and some

spring onions. Then sauté the vegetables with salt as per taste and see that the vegetables are not


Meanwhile, take a large vessel with 12 cups of water to boil noodles. As the water is boiled add

noodles, salt, and 2 tsp of oil. You need to boil the noodles without overcooking for 3 to 4

minutes. And the drain the noodles and after that add cold water so that it does not stick to.

Now to vegetables add 3 tablespoons of schezwan sauce and stir properly so that the sauce mix well with the vegetables. Now add the cooked noodles and stir properly with the vegetables and mix and combine well with the sauce, to get a smoky flavor you need to stir fry on high flame. If needed add salt and then green onions.

Then take a serving plate and serve hot and enjoy the hot, tangy, and spicy schezwan noodles.


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