The 40's music

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

This was the beautiful time when music actually found it's revelation it was the time when music just began and fore very one music was a was a source

and the inspiration and opportunity to find the rhythm these were the time when jazz, Latin and country music took place after the world war many changes took place. This was the time when famous artists like Bing Cros by were running on top with the best selling pop artist but it was a great suffer for all because of the stock market crash of 1929 which emptied the dance halls which let the music industry down But many people like Bing Crosby ,Frank Sinatra they were seen as a youth idol and their songs were worshipped and attracted youth of the generation and created a great impact on the music of the40s Me who has listened and personally enjoyed the music of Sinatra is great improvisation on the music people then were very passionate about music and when these on are listened we can feel the harmony of the music run through our bloodstream and often gives goosebumps what do you all think about the music let us know

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