Friends when you eat an apple did you ever think this word apple would be the company of net worth $ 2 trillion, the most profitable and valuable company.

Apple was invented for the personal computer. Apple Computer Company was started in a bedroom and then moved to the garage. The founders of this company were Steve Jobs and Wozniak. Once when Steve Jobs spent some time traveling in the farm’s apple orchard and there he enjoyed it and came back and told Wozniak about and then they decided to name their company as APPLE.

Their dreams were big, just naming the company was not enough. They had to compete with the world of technology. They had planned to produce bare printed circuit boards of Apple I and had decided to sell them to computer amateurs for $ 50 each. Money was a big obstacle as they needed to build the first batch, so Steve Jobs sold his Volkswagen and Wozniak his HP Scientific Calculator. Then 50 fully assembled units of the Apple I was purchased for $ 500 each by Paul Terrell. Subsequently about 200 Apple I computers was produced.

Steve Jobs was surrounded by criticisms. Initially, he used to be spending hours on the phone searching for investors for the company. Steve Jobs at a very young age had created a very successful company in Silicon Valley. The co-founder of Microsystems started funding Steve Jobs company.

Later in 1977 Jobs introduced the Apple II. This became one of the first highly thriving, unbeaten, and flourishing mass-produced microcomputer products in the world. With this, he became more successful. In 1978 when he was just 23 he was worth over $ 1 million and grew to $ 250 million when he was 25 years old. In Forbes list, he was one of the youngest nation’s richest people. He achieved all this without having inherited wealth. Later in 1983, Apple made an entrance into the Fortune 500 list of America’s top companies.

He launched Macintosh in radiantly and blazingly arranged demonstration that was the masterpiece of an extraordinary publicity campaign. Mac was insufficiently powered and expensive which had few software applications but it resulted in disappointing sales. Tensions in the company grew as Jobs was not able to fix this problem and this was considered his failure. He was then removed from his own company.

Steve Jobs quickly later designed computers for the education market. Another firm NeXT, this computer was notable for its engineering design. Later he acquired Pixar computer graphics. He built Pixar into a major animation studio and produced the film Toy Story in 1995. Later when in 1996 Apple was burdened with financial losses and was on the edge to crumble, again the Apple’s cofounder was asked, to lead the company once again. Then the sky was the limit for Steve Jobs iMac, iTunes, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and many more.

Steve Jobs's achievements and success after failures proved that age, money can’t be

barriers to the development of an individual. To achieve and do something unique we need to take a big risk. Should not be horrified and shaken up if anything doesn’t work for you.

After a tragedy or a disaster, don’t stop, keep going but need to deviate, need to reassess a disaster. Unless you keep your indigenous objective engulf yourself in something different. Complications and setbacks give positive responses. Tragedy and disasters also make the eventual victory pleasant and pleasing. Should never give up ambition. Patience and trust are very important for success as you don’t know the future. You should remain satisfied and contented and coolly be sure of oneself, jump when the big break is inviting you.

Prosper on setbacks. It is the way of thinking, an ideology of life. What you attain matters, not in person but to the world.


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