Semeda Adye

Tulunadu used to have big Semeda Manes made of wood back then. There were two people who needed to press the Adye and one to receive it at the bottom. "Semeda Mane" is a three-legged machine made out of metal. Through new technology, the effort has been halved.

The good thing about Semeda Ady

e is that it can be sun dried and stored for later use in containers. It can be steamed to use again.

"Shevai" in Konkani, "ottu shavige" in Kannada and "Idiyappam" in Malayalam are all names given to these homemade rice noodles. They are served both during breakfast and as a main course during special lunches and dinners.

The process of preparing Semeda Adye at home is not easy. The Sepeda Adye maker (Semeda Mane) takes some effort to press. It is a favorite activity for children in the house to show off their strength!


Ingredients in Semeda Adye

1 cup rice

1 cup coconut


Sweet milk

Coconuts, 1 cup

A teaspoon of cardamom per serving

Jaggery, 1 cup

(Optional) 1 cup ripe banana

Preparation of Semeda Adye

Rice should be soaked for 2 to 3 hours. Grind it together with coconut into a smooth paste.

On a medium heat, pour the dough into a large pan and stir it constantly.

The mixture must be cooked until it becomes thick like chapati dough (around 10 minutes).

When it is still hot, make big balls of this dough and steam them for around 10-15 minutes (like idlis).

Get your Rice Semiye by pressing the balls in a greased Semiye Press (Semeda Mane).

Making Sweet Coconut Milk

Prepare sweet coconut milk by grinding 1 cup grated coconut into a fine paste with 1-2 cups of water.

Extract the coconut milk from the ground coconut by straining it and squeezing it.

Mix powdered jaggery with coconut milk and dissolve milk.

The sweetness of the coconut milk depends on how much jaggery you add.

Add 1/2 teaspoon of cardamom powder and mix well.

Together with Semige, serve.

It may also be beneficial to add crushed bananas and ripe bananas to enhance the flavor.


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