Mr. Ratan Tata is born in Mumbai on 28 December 1937, son of Mr.Naval Tata. He is graduated from Riverdale Country School. Also received a degree in Architecture from Cornell University. He started his journey from group company National Radio and Electronics (NELCO), but during the economic crisis and slowdown, it collapsed. When Mr. J.R.D his grandfather stepped down from TATA GROUP of companies in 1991 he named Ratan Tata as his successor. nobody other than Mr Ratan Tata could have fulfilled the dreams of Mr. J.R.D Tata‘s.

Under Ratan Tata young talent was given responsibilities and innovations played a vital role. Companies became aerodynamic and elegant with perfect management and responsibility by Ratan Tata. He is the most loved industrialists.

Not only an industrialist he is also a philanthropist. He contributes 65% of his shares to the charitable trust and this charitable trust is a helping hand for medical, education, research works, etc. He believes in giving and contributing to society. He always thinks for the betterment and upliftment of the human race. He is a person who has elevated up from his failures. He is also a very charismatic person. Apart from many honors and awards, he has also received Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan.

Though he was born into one of the richest families in India, he worked hard to achieve what he is today. His magnanimity and management during the 26/11 attack also show his philanthropic and patriotic qualities.

He is a true son of the soil. He provided all the relief necessary to the victims and their families and also has taken all the responsibility of their family members and till date, he is doing it without any expectation We say that he is the son of soil or a true nationalist because after the 26/11 attack when he got an order from the Pakistan government of Tata Sumo to be imported. He refused to import a single Tata vehicle to that country. Above money and business, he kept the nation first.

He is a business Tycoon. Though he had challenging and tough times he did not lose faith in his hard work. From errors and failures, he proved his worth when he successfully bought Jaguar and Land Rover under Tata companies. And it stands in new heights.

He combined experience, technology, talent, and capitulated benefits for the firm and society. He appreciated young talents and startups, which were heard to provide jobs and reduce unemployment and encouraged young generations to choose their desired jobs and innovative works.

His deeds always reflected his clear intentions and moral sense. His calmness during stress, his humbleness during failures, his positive attitude towards critics and their criticism allowed him to achieve this level.

So he is called a true, accurate, honest, faithful, handsome industrialist and philanthropist, whose methodical, systematic, and structured ideas inspire us to be an industrialist like Mr. RATAN NAVAL TATA.


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