Glenn Miller

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

One of the greatest bands which ran through the 40's would be the be the jazz band which is called the big band which used to make nothing but beautiful music and one of the important member of the band was non other then The Glenn Miller

One the most talented musicians even known to this plan if there was a mystic want all I would want is to meet and have a deep conversation with him

Glenn Miller was born on March /1 /1904 and inspire of the talent of running the big band also respected his nation and had a major rank in the united states Air Force he used to lead the band with his swing preferences and held a major role in the band he had his famous piece of recordings which were "in the Mood", "Moonlight serenade", " A string of pearls" And many more the list wouldn't stop.

After playing his great role of being a music leader found his purpose in his nation and helped served as major in Air Force which held him a great respect later down the years at 1944 during the war he just disappeared people have considered he's dead by the bombs do you think it's a conspiracy to be thought of do you think there's a mystery you tell me.

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