Tips to organize student life

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Organize your study routine

5 Tips to organize your study routine

1 Decide your goal correctly

2. Make a time audit

3. Keep your things easily accessible

4. Few Apps that will help you be more organized

5. Keep the 80 - 20 rule

1.Decide your goal correctly

The great man righty said in his words to have a goal for life your life has a meaning your

actions have a cause. So yes you have to keep daily goals like for example completing your assignment in 1 week completing old notes if left keeping small things in your to-do-list but don't abundant your task is known as daily or weekly goals. I know most of us are very confused about what is that we need in our life currently. We have aims of achieving 90% in 10th and 12th or becoming a class, state, national topper it is very Imp for you to have Aim.

2 Make a time audit

This is my time audit which you can use as a reference so you know how to utilize your time and ya my college timing would be different from your school or college but u have to make a routine that you have to follow every day. Yes, it’s hard in the first 2 weeks but if you want to organize your self you have to first pick your priorities n distribute the time for it accordingly.

3.Keep your things easily accessible.

Keeping things that are required in your study section easily available to you. People would be thinking how is this important well if you are sitting without the things you require to get those things you have to constantly get up which distract your mind so before you start studying Keep all your stationary study materials next to you.

4.Few APPS that will help you be more organized

That you require well it is not at all sponsored but for benefit of you guys I want to tell you some great apps which are available to set your goals routines and also help you to use your time wisely as a student we are attracted to social media It's nothing wrong but it is not productive so here are few apps I personally use and like

a) easy study

b) my classes

c) help me focuses

these apps can help you use your best of your phone

5 Keep the 80 - 20 rule

Don't study any subject more than 20 min without a break if you spare 20 min daily for a subject you will get 80 percent of results it is a scientific method but also I have tried it and it works. If we can spare daily 20 min in the time of exam you just need to revise all that you studied just once and you will get better results for sure


Yes to take any of the above steps would be hard but once you follow it for few weeks it will completely change you


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