Updated: Dec 26, 2020


TASTE: Spicy

COOKING TIME: 15- 20 minutes

Course: snack


5 green chili

2 cup gram flour/ besan

¼ teaspoon ajwain/ carom seeds

¼ teaspoon baking soda

½ teaspoon salt

¾ cup water

Tablespoon oil

Oil for frying


First, take long green chilies and slit them at the center and remove seeds.

Now to prepare the Bhajji batter by taking 2 cups of besan into a mixing bowl. Add ajwain, baking soda, and salt to it. Mix well making sure that everything is combined well, add water and mix well. Add more water if required, and prepare a lump-free batter. Then add tablespoon oil over the batter and mix well until the batter turns smooth and silky. Now dip the green chili and coat it with the besan batter and deep fry the batter coated chilies in the hot oil with medium flame.

Keep the flame on the medium, flip over and fry all the sides, fry until the

Bhajjis turn crisp and golden brown.

Finally, enjoy Mirchi Bhajji

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