Big bang theory

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Big bang theory Creation

Have you ever thought, What happened following the initial expansion? The result of this initial expansion is the universe we are in now. If so, then it can be very easy to understand the concept. But it is never easy. The universe after the initial expansion was different from the universe we know. After the big bang, the universe was at a very high temperature.

Cooling led to the formation of sub-atomic particles, which then formed atoms mainly of hydrogen with some of helium and lithium. The particles later coalesced through gravity forming early stars and galaxies. So, the stars that are visible now, are the dependents of these celestial bodies.

Astronomers have even experienced an unknown gravitational force of dark matter surrounding galaxies. They even say that most of the gravitational force in-universe the is from dark matter. The existence of dark matter even indicates the expansion of the universe, so this gives a proper reason for the expansion of the universe and facts towards proving the big bang theory.

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