Updated: Dec 26, 2020

At the beginning of time, there existed an extremely high density and high-temperature particle, which was all that existed in the infinite space. Due to its high density it started expanding, the single-particle exploded and gave rise to smaller particles i.e. atomic and sub atomic particles, these smaller particles combined in many different ways and formed all the elements that exist in our known universe

Big bang theory provides a very stable and reasonable theory of creation. The theory is proven by keeping in mind that the galaxies keep moving further and further away from earth. So, as we move back in time, at its origin, the universe we know was just a single particle, containing all within it. The particle is called the singularity. As the name suggests it is the point of infinite density and temperature. Big bang theory not only explains a proper beginning to our universe but also connects us to very interesting topics like dark matter, back holes, etc. So stay connected with us for knowing more about outer space.


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